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Round robin sports bet nfl betting predictions

round robin sports bet nfl betting predictions

Round Robin Bets are offered at nearly every sportsbook, but rarely utilized by sports bettors. The Bovada sports betting site gives you some great odds, as well as higher-than-average Let's look at an example using NFL betting lines. ‎ Best Round Robin Betting · ‎ BetOnline Sportsbook · ‎ Round Robin Betting Example. A Round Robin is another name for parlay bets on a group of selections (at the very Given that odds are stacked against you when you dabble on multiple team parlays for NBA, NFL, NHL, Major League Baseball and major Soccer events. Round robin wagers are a convenient way to create multiple parlays at once. Select between three and eight Risk $5 to win $13 (/1 odds). Second parlay.


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